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Everyday Eclectic

Everyday Eclectic - Chattanooga, TN

It's no secret that we are both very passionate about creating. When we launched Everyday Eclectic in October of 2007, we began humbly – one of us made candles, and the other made soap. We began selling our products at our local farmers/artisan market. We were absolutely thrilled at the response to our items and the visibility in the community that this effort seemed to be giving us. The bit of extra income this venture provided us steadily increased little by little, allowing us to move production out of the basement of our house, and into EE's very first studio - a tiny suite in our city's Business Development Center. Once in this new space, we felt it was time to raise the bar for ourselves. We immediately began devising, testing, and putting new merchandise out there.

Fast-forward from then to now (and a few studios later). The two of us continue to learn new skills and develop new product lines that we can share with others. We are constantly striving to maintain high standards for ourselves when it comes to crafting our items. We love being able to offer affordable luxuries to our customers that are not only lovely, but healthy and functional as well. We continue to let the world around us inspire us, educate us, and motivate us to create.

Southern Kitchen Candle Collection

Inspired by the nostalgic fragrances we remember from our own grandmothers' kitchens, our exclusive Southern Kitchen Candle Collection truly takes the idea of "smells like home" to a whole new level. Each of these special soy wax candles is handcrafted with a natural wooden wick that provides a subtle crackling sound while burning, and is infused with the mouth-watering aroma of a down-home classic edible, like Maple Bacon, Hot Coffee, Pecan Pie, and even Sunday Pot Roast. (No joke!) In addition, every Southern Kitchen Candle is hand-poured into a beautiful and reusable farmhouse-inspired crock. So, you want to make your house feel (and smell) more like a home? Need a fun and unique gift for that special chef, cook, or foodie in your life? Then, Everyday Eclectic's Southern Kitchen Candles are for you!