Best Gifts for New Homeowners

Sometimes shopping for someone who just moved or renovated can be tough. You don't want to be the person who shows up with a potted plant as a gift. This guide isn't just for new homeowners though it can be for someone who just renovated their man cave, is moving off to college in a few months, or pretty much anyone on your holiday shopping list. 


Cut Maps

Michigan Cut Map ST


These state maps are a perfect unique gift. Each one is solid wood that's laser cut to display the interstates and roads that crisscross each states. It's a great conversation piece especially for someone who just moved to a new state and is missing home.


Ohio Cut State Map



Pinecone Home Picture Frames

ST Market Pinecone Home state picture frames


These are perfect for displaying gameday memories, or photos from vacation or pretty much anything. Available in multiple states and gameday colors. 


Oklahoma picture frame



California Rustic Hat Rack

California Flag Hat Rack


This is perfect for your foyer or entryway. Especially during these winter months where almost everyone is wearing a hat or coat. A subtle accent that can fit into almost any decor. 


Tennessee State Flag Hat Rack



Typography Maps

California Typography Map


This is one that can really be a good conversation starter for locals. When most people see these they immediately hone in on their hometown and the surrounding areas to see if they made the cut. 



The ST Market is full of great fit ideas that aren't just a shirt or hat. If you're looking for something truly unique this holiday season browse around and see what you can find. 

November 29, 2018 by Jacob Kirschenbaum