Featured Retailer: Country Club Prep


Matt Watson and Stephen Glasgow, founders of Country Club Prep, first met when they found themselves in the same section at the University of Virginia School of Law. Both moved to Atlanta after school to practice in different law firms, but soon they hatched a new plan. “Let’s do something we enjoy and has a better outcome at the end of the tunnel,” explains Watson. After noticing they and their friends spent a lot of time going to different stores to get their favorite clothing, they decided to start an e-commerce one-stop-shop for all things preppy. “Our mission is to be the beginning of the conversation for preppy clothing,” says Watson. “If the customer wants a preppy hat or tie, he will start with us.”

They launched Country Club Prep out of Watson’s basement in March 2012, doing everything themselves, from basic web design to writing copy to customer service. Now, in just three short years, they have moved to their second warehouse and have almost 35 employees. In addition to its popular website, Country Club Prep launched two brick-and-mortar stores this past fall, one in homage to where it all began in Charlottesville, Virginia, and one in Lexington, Kentucky. Both stores have been well received so far, says Watson, largely in part to the great communities and the amazing teams they have there. They also have plans for a pop-up shop in the Hamptons this summer.


(Photo courtesy of Country Club Prep)


State Traditions has been a great fit for Country Club Prep as it sells nationwide. “State Traditions has a line that breaks through boundaries,” says Watson. “Everyone has an alma mater. State Traditions has been a great footprint for us and has reinforced our ties with some cities.”  Two of their top-selling State Traditions items are hats and belts. “It’s a great-looking hat and different from the regular logo hat…There’s an attraction because it’s a little more subtle,” explains Watson. “And the belt’s leather is nice, and it has a vibrant design. It’s an area where guys in particular are sick of just wearing a leather belt. They can rock that on campus.” And just like ST, Country Club Prep likes to focus on phenomenal customer service. “If you order by 4:00 pm, it’s shipping that day. When you’re approaching Country Club Prep, you are reaching us immediately. We are going to take care of you,” says Watson.

With plans in the works for a web redesign in 2015 as well as the potential of even more brick-and-mortar stores, Country Club Prep is full steam ahead to fulfilling its mission of becoming synonymous with all things prep.


February 12, 2015 by Angie Brown