College Students can be tough to buy gifts for. State Traditions will make it easy this holiday season with a few hand picked items that every college student will love. 













State Traditions Mississippi Gameday Hat

Gameday Hat - Walk into any college classroom and you'll see someone who clearly overslept. A go to gameday hat for your school is the perfect way to hide the fact that you hit snooze a few too many times. 


State Traditions long sleeve logo t-shirt

Long Sleeve T-Shirt - It's the time of year for heading home and watching bowl games for days on end. A long sleeve t-shirt on the couch by a fire is makes for a perfect afternoon. 


State Traditions fleece pullover

Fleece Pullover - A classic outerwear piece that can be worn to class, to the store, or to grab some coffee it's our most versatile pullover yet. 


Alabama Traditional Key Fob 

Key Fob - It's time to get rid of the high school lanyard. Keep it classy with a State Traditions key fob. 

December 05, 2017 by Jacob Kirschenbaum