State Traditions Podcast Cover Art

We're proud to announce the State Traditions Podcast. Most people look at State Traditions and think we're about selling apparel. But, in actuality it's much deeper than that. State Traditions has always been about America, and the little things that come together that makes the U.S. different from every other country in the world. We're about family BBQs, beach trips, golf outings, and of course tailgating more than we are about selling hats, t-shirts, and polos. 

This podcast gives us an outlet to discuss the things we love about this great country. 

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In the inaugural episode of the State Traditions podcast we discuss one of the greatest traditions in America, the Masters. John McElrath and John Willard talk about some of the history, random facts, their experience at Augusta and their top 3 to watch this weekend. 

 In episode 2 John and John discuss their Masters Picks and Sergio's meltdown, The NHL Playoffs, our sponsorship of the Nashville Predators, and their favorite bars in Nashville.