State Traditions Louisiana And America Koozie

Part of what makes America great is that we're 50 different states that all have their own unique culture. Bring them all together and you have a recipe for a great time. America celebrates it's independence in typical American style with food, good times, and lots of booze.

And while there's nothing wrong with a classic Budweiser or PBR Independence Day is the perfect day to celebrate with a craft beer from a small brewery local or from across the country. Below we list 5 of our favorite beers from craft breweries all over the country to celebrate July 4th. 

State Traditions - Kona Brewing Hawaii

Kona Brewing - Big Wave Golden Ale

This is a beer that is perfect to drink at the beach or by the pool. If you find yourself in the heat it's light but full of flavor and extremely refreshing. Kona brewing is based out of Kona, HI but brews beers all over the country and it's pretty easy to find in most craft beer stores.


State Traditions Blog - Chandeleur Island Brewing Gulfport, MS 

Chandeleur Island Brewing Co. - H90 Surf Side Pineapple Wheat

This is another beer made for summer. With it being a wheat beer it's another light beer with good flavor and a hint of sweetness from the pineapple. Chandeleur Island Brewing is based out of Gulfport, MS. 


State Traditions Blog - Fairhope Brewing Fairhope, AL

Fairhope Brewing Company -  Causeway IPA

This beer is perfect year round. It's a good strong IPA at 8.2% ABV with a ton of hops and citrus that really hit you with each sip. Fairhope Brewing Company is based out of Fairhope, AL.


State Traditions Blog - Abita Brewing Abita Springs, LA

Abita Brewing - Strawgator 

For those who like to walk on the wild side this beer is for you. Strawgator puts two of Abita's best beers in one bottle, Andygator an 8% ABV Hells Dopplebock and their Strawberry Lager. It's an 8% ABV beer that doesn't taste like one and will definitely sneak up on you. Abita Brewing is based out of Abita Springs, LA.


State Traditions Blog - Ghost Train Brewing Birmingham, AL

Ghost Train Brewing -  Switchman's Stash IPL

Talk about a beer that's best of both worlds. Hoppiness of an IPA and the smooth finish of a lager. A beer that has enough flavor that can be paired with burgers and dogs and light enough to enjoy in the 90+ degree heat of the south. Ghost Train Brewing is based out of Birmingham, AL. 

July 03, 2018 by Jacob Kirschenbaum