September is the month where we celebrate America's native spirit, Bourbon. No matter what time of the year you're drinking bourbon it should be enjoyed with a large glass of ice in a State Traditions double old fashioned glass. Here's 3 bourbons you should enjoy to celebrate the end of Bourbon heritage month. 

Angel's Envy State Traditions Blog

1. Angel's Envy

This is a great bourbon for so many reasons. For anyone new to bourbon this is a great starting point, Angel's Envy is actually finished in Port Wine Barrels which gives it a distinct sweetness and takes a lot of the harsh flavors out. For anyone who is a regular bourbon drinker it's great because the sweetness is a unique flavor profile you're probably not use to. It's also fairly inexpensive and makes for a great every day bourbon. 

Maker's Mark State Traditions Glassware

2. Maker's Mark

This is obvious as it's one of America's most popular Bourbons. You can't go wrong with Maker's Mark. This everyday bourbon is dependable, and versatile much like your first pickup truck. It is smooth enough to drink on it's own but also blends well into numerous cocktails. 

State Traditions Glassware Elijah Craig

3. Elijah Craig Small Batch Barrel Proof

Now this is something special. It's not an overly expensive special occasion bourbon. This is a bourbon that has such a unique flavor profile it's hard to describe. It's 131 proof which means it packs a punch, but there's a smoothness to it that cuts a lot of the heat associated with higher proof bourbons. It's another bottle that if you're a whiskey and bourbon connoisseur you'll really enjoy.