Want a free ST sticker or t-shirt? We are now offering a great way for our loyal customers to receive free items through our new rewards program. Every time you purchase an item, you can earn points to get something else for free. It's easy to set up. All you do is create a customer account after purchasing something from our online store. Then, get ready for rewards: Every $1 spent equals 1 point, and not only that, but every successful referral equals 10 points!                                                

Here are a few of the items you can receive: For 50 points, pick two free stickers; for 150 points, three free croakies; 300 points, a t-shirt; 500, two hats of your choice; and 750 points, a free tattersall shirt. Points are not earned for shipping fees, taxes, or discounts used. Once you receive a reward discount code, just apply it during checkout on your next purchase. Find out more by clicking on the rewards button on the bottom of our website. Just one way we can say thank you to our customers!

September 24, 2014 by Angie Brown