Whether your college gameday picks are going well or not, chances are you're looking forward to the weekend. We've got you covered on ways to show your school pride, from shirts to belts, during pre-game festivities to meeting up with friends after the win's in the books.


Pictured above: Georgia Athens Gameday Hat Red, Georgia Athens Gameday Koozie Red, Georgia Athens Gameday Polo White, South Carolina Columbia Gameday iPhone Case Garnet, South Carolina Columbia Gameday Hat Garnet, and South Carolina Columbia Gameday T-Shirt Black


Pictured above: Tennessee Knoxville Gameday Hat, Tennessee Flag iPhone Case Grey, Tennessee Knoxville Gameday Polo White, Oklahoma Norman Gameday Golf Visor, Oklahoma Norman Gameday Belt, and Oklahoma Norman Gameday T-Shirt White


Pictured above: California Pasadena Gameday Hat, California Pasadena Gameday Sticker, Gameday Flyover T-Shirt, Texas Austin Gameday Golf Visor White, Texas Austin Gameday Belt Orange, and Texas Austin Gameday Tattersall Shirt