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And so it begins...the advent of college football season. Timeless Saturday traditions such as tailgating on the quad, gameday flyovers, and post-win celebrations are so close we can't stand it. Having the right gear for gameday throughout the fall, from the first kick-off to the championship game, is essential. Here are some recommendations to get your favorite time of the year started off right, beginning with a few key match-ups this opening weekend.

Game 1:


Pictured above: State Traditions Gameday Flyover T-Shirt, TX College Station Gameday Hat, TX College Station Gameday Belt, SC Columbia Gameday Golf VisorSC Columbia Gameday Polo, and SC Columbia Gameday Belt.


Game 2:

Pictured above: SC Clemson Gameday Polo, SC Clemson Gameday Koozie, SC Clemson Gameday Hat, GA Athens Gameday Shirt, GA Athens Gameday Bow Tie, and GA Athens Gameday Embroidered Belt.


Game 3:

Pictured above: OK Stillwater Gameday Golf Visor, OK Gameday Glassware, OK Stillwater Belt, FL Tallahassee Gameday Hat, State Traditions Gameday Flyover T-Shirt, FL Tallahassee Gameday Koozie.


Game 4:

Pictured above: FL Miami Gameday Hat, FL Traditional iPhone Case, FL Gameday Glassware, KY Louisville Gameday iPhone Case, KY Louisville Gameday Polo, and KY Louisville Gameday Hat.


Game 5:

Pictured above: LA Baton Rouge Gameday Shirt, LA Baton Rouge Gameday Hat Visor, LA Baton Rouge Gameday Embroidered Belt, States & Tailgates T-Shirt, WI Madison Gameday Hat, State Traditions Croakies.

August 28, 2014 by Angie Brown
Tags: Gameday